Wow your audience with Instagram Highlights!

Did you know Instagram Stories are an incredible tool to showcase and promote your brand on Instagram?

Front –and-centre on your profile, Instagram highlights are perfect for helping new, and current audiences discover what your company is all about.

Unlike Instagram stories, it’d be worth spending time to plan out and strategise your highlights in order for them to be used to their full advantage.

Instagram Highlights act as a curated collection of your Instagram stories that can be tapped into and watched at any time. Due to their prime location Instagram Highlights are  the perfect place to direct your followers, therefore it’s recommended they include valuable and interesting content.

In this blog, I’ve include some quick Instagram Highlight tips that’ll WOW your audience.

Below is a list of potential highlight ideas:

1. Highlight Products or Collections.
2. Highlight Trends and Topics
3. Highlights Based on Audience or Interest
4. Highlight Tutorials or How-To’s
5. Highlights Events and Holidays
6. Highlight Customers (whether it be reviews; their photos etc)
7. Highlight Campaigns
8. Highlights reviews

Another great way to add the WOW factor is to style your Instagram Highlights in a way that reflects both your brand and the content of the highlight. Including relatable emojis or text as the Highlight cover also makes it easier to indicate which highlight is which and differentiates  themselves from one another.

It’s one thing to create amazing Instagram stories, but creating amazing Instagram Highlights is just as important.  Whilst we’re not stopping you from creating in-the-moment content on a daily basis, we do suggest you think twice about how that story could benefit your highlights. Therefore this urges you to plan ahead and think twice about your content, in order to create not just stories but highlights that’ll make your audience go WOW.

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Alicia Prettejohn.