How to take advantage of User Generated Content?

If you’re familiar with User Generated Content (UGC) with your business, you are probably aware of the impact it can have on how your brand is perceived amongst potential customers.

To summarise UGC: it is content created for your brand by the end consumer!
For example this could be customers taking photos wearing your clothing brand, or a customer showing a before and after video of your landscaping work in their backyard. Thanks to social media, creating UGC is now not only easy but the viewership and effectiveness of the content is steadily rising, making there no better time than now to master how to have content made for you, and how to use it to your business’ advantage.

The first step to capitalising on UGC is to have it made for you, now this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but we’ve found that a lot of clients aren’t looking in the right places. IF YOU HAVE REVIEWS, YOU HAVE UGC, if your industry isn’t compatible with photos and videos you need to be using every bit of positive information your customers give you. Reviews should never be neglected; they are the best drivers of trust and credibility for your brand and can be the ultimatum between whether your potential customer converts to a paying customer!

One way you can drive more reviews to your business’ social media pages is through incentives: e.g. ‘Tell us how we’re doing and receive 10% off your next order!’. Similar principles can be used for increasing customer picture and video content, ‘TAG us in a post using our product and receive X off your next order’, the sky is the limit so be creative.

Using it to your advantage:
Customer content will always be different from the content you or your marketing team produce, and for good reason because chances are you only want high quality, polished content featured on your website or social media pages. With this being said there is NO SHAME in using UGC on your social media pages, your viewership will know the difference and won’t associate a low-quality image or a misspelled review with your business’ branding so don’t stress.

We recommend creating an Instagram highlights reel purely for customer reviews on your business’ Instagram page, this makes it easily accessible and brings trust and credibility to the forefront of potential customer’s minds when they stumble across your page.

Have some good reviews but don’t know how to make them look good on your feed? Copy the text and create an image poster using the text to make it an aesthetically pleasing post on your Facebook or Instagram page (see example for reference). If you have access or permission to use an image of the customer ideally using your product or service you’re winning. Posts like this not only build trust but help other viewers relate on a personal level to your brand!

Lastly, if you have an ecommerce business it is IMPERATIVE that you include reviews on your website, but for the more adventurous it sometimes pays to run advertisements using your review posts mentioned above. It’s a great way to build trust early on with new viewers who may know nothing about your brand, and it’s an easy way to get more content on your pages without having to pay for them!