How to drive engagement on Facebook without using Paid Ads! 

If you don’t already know by now, Facebook advertising can be useful in generating leads, but paid ads aren’t the only way you Facebook can help boost your business and improve brand awareness.

On Facebook, it’s important to establish a loyal following that are active online. But how can you do so in a way that doesn’t break the bank?

In this email, I will explain a few ways that you can utilise Facebook  to your advantage to grow your marketing strategy and promote engagement through organic reach.


Whilst it doesn’t seem like much, Facebook Insights are a great way to learn more about your users and figure out exactly what appeals to them. If you adapt your strategies to suit these insights you should find that your results should improve your engagement.

Ask and Answer
Engagement on Facebook does well when you encourage your audience to discuss and debate on your page. By creating content that asks questions, it entices your audience to offer their opinions. This often leads to further activity. Another important part of ask and answer is to ensure that the roles are also reversed. By thoroughly answering any questions posed by users it establishes you as a resource for future queries and adds to the overall discussion.

Interactive Content

Similar to ask and answer, creating content that gives audiences a chance to select an answer or be involved can increase the engagement of your posts. Ideas for interactive content could be anything like polls or quizzes. Anything that’ll spark interaction.

These days a lot of people don’t realise that videos are an essential tool for any business. ˇThey are a great way to differentiate between standard photographic posts and text, by adding interesting visuals. No matter if your video is informative, entertaining or promotional, having visual content in the mix is great for engagement.

On Facebook having a lot of followers is one thing, but having active followers that engage with your page is another. The way you should look at it is, the more comments, likes and shares on your page, the more likely your network will expand.

Just remember to keep your site current, interesting and unique to your brand, and where possible keep things organic to see how your engagement goes.