How to run a Facebook giveaway the CORRECT way!

Giveaways are one of the quickest methods of driving engagement and interaction to your business’ social media pages. The benefits of giveaways can be massive, some of our previous giveaways we have run for clients have reached hundreds of thousands of people, with tens of thousands of comments!

You can expect to pay thousands of dollars in ad spend to reach these numbers with normal advertisements, but with giveaways the only expense is the offering what you’re willing to give to the winner – can’t complain with that.

Now, there are some tricks of the trade that will give you the BEST possible performance from your giveaway, as well as some new guidelines that you have to follow to avoid some hefty punishments from our friend Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s get stuck in.

1. Choose your prize offering.
As business owners and managers, I can understand that you might be hesitant to be too generous with your giveaway prize, and by no means should you be giving away anything that will put your business in any hardship, but with over 100 giveaways under our belt we can confidently say that the best performing giveaway competitions are the ones that provide real value to the customer. For a restaurant these examples have worked well for our clients: $75 DINNER VOUCHER, FREE DINNER FOR TWO, FREE X FOR A YEAR. You can get creative and tailor the prize to your business and your customer’s wants and needs but the aim of the game is to make people stop scrolling and tag their friends in this awesome deal so it’s best to be generous.

2. Creative & Copy.
The creative & copy make up the giveaway poster that the competition entrants will be viewing. There are a few things to keep in mind when making these posters which this chapter will run through, as well as show an example of a giveaway poster for reference.
1. BRANDING – This is probably the first interaction some giveaway entrants will have with your brand, so it is imperative to make sure the image, fonts and aesthetic are representative of your branding, while also looking appealing and legitimate.
2. TEXT – If you have too much text in your poster, you will see a reduced performance if you choose to advertise the poster later through Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook reduces the reach of ads with a high text to image ratio, but don’t sweat it, there is a test available which you can upload your poster in to check if the ratio is plausible:
3. COPY – The copy section is essentially the text or caption of the giveaway poster and must completely explain the giveaway competition in its entirety, entice viewers to participate and DISCLAIM that Facebook and Instagram have no affiliation with the giveaway whatsoever. We have a template here at Prestige Social that is a good place to start for giveaway copy which I have attached below.

We are offering you the chance to win an ‘x’ absolutely free! All you have to do is:
1. LIKE the ‘YOUR BUSINESS NAME’ Facebook page
2. TAG your friends in the comments
3. SHARE this post

The more friends you tag, the greater your chances of winning the FREE ‘X’!
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram.
Remember! You MUST be liking our Facebook page to be eligible to win the FREE ‘X’.
Winner to be announced at 18:00 on Monday XX/X/XX on our Facebook page. Happy tagging and GOOD LUCK!

Some things to take away from the template above:

  • You MUST include the disclaimer highlighted in red in your copy or risk losing access to your Ads Account entirely! Believe us, it is not worth the hassle.
  • Post the giveaway competition at a high traffic time! We normally prefer to launch the competitions between 5 – 8pm on a weeknight when most people are at home scrolling social media.
  • Did you notice how many times we mentioned “FREE X”? Be sure to mention the prize as many times as possible without compromising the legitimacy. You want all the viewers to think this is the best thing ever so they have a higher chance of tagging their friends.
  • We normally give 2 – 3 weeks until the winner is chosen to build up as much reach as possible without being so long that people completely forget about it.

Firstly, you are probably all wondering ‘what the hell is re-boosting?’ It’s the next step in the giveaway competition after you’ve posted the giveaway and people are commenting and tagging their friends. When there is one day left until the winner is chosen, while signed into the business’ Facebook page comment on the post saying:


To be announced tomorrow night at 6:00pm on our Facebook page! Get tagging to increase your chances of winning the FREE X”

By the time the last day of the competition comes around the amount of comments would have slowed down dramatically. However by commenting this will give all the entrants and people who have been tagged a notification saying that your business has commented, and people will check assuming that the winner has been announced only to see your comment. Normally this will spark or RE-BOOST the post again and squeeze the most possible reach out of it.

Finally, picking the winner is quite simple. We use the website: to randomly select the winner from the post. Keep in mind that you must enter the URL of the post from your normal Facebook and not from Business Manager. We recommend creating another poster to post using the same background image but with the text changed (see example below) and using a caption similar to this:


Firstly we would like to thank everyone who entered into our giveaway, we are overwhelmed by all the interest it received!

Congratulations to ‘Z’, you are the winner of the FREE ‘X’!
Please message our Facebook page for instructions on how to claim your prize.

We hope this helped you all understand giveaways!

They can be an amazing way to grow your following, attract engagement and most important GET MORE SALES!