ZMOT is one of the phases involved in the customer journey process. It’s the online information search and decision making process before purchase.

Stimulus– The trigger e.g. realising you’re hungry or deciding you need a new pair of jeans
Zero Moment of Truth– Online research and information search
First Moment of Truth- The conclusion or final purchase
Second Moment of Truth– Evaluation of purchase made

The ZMOT involves reading customer reviews, asking others for their opinion, checking the business’s social media platforms, the website etc.

So how to do you ensure that during this ZMOT your business will pass the test?

  • Make sure your brand image is consistent across all platforms
  • Ensure that all the appropriate information is easily accessible such as your phone number and address
  • Make it as easy as possible for people to see what you have to offer such as a menu or clothing size chart
  • Mobile friendly and user friendly website
  • Reviews replied to and any complaints dealt this (You’ll find out how to respond to reviews and complaints in our next email)

All of these factors make a difference and could be that one deciding factor that makes someone choose your business against others. Think about what your point of difference is and make sure that it’s known.

Make your business stands out during the Zero Moment of Truth!