When people favour a business, it’s not always just about the product. There are many factors that play a massive role in why someone choses to buy something from one place over another. It’s all about the overall experience.

People play a massive part of the experience, therefore photos of these people are a great way to give your page a more personal touch!

Take a look at some of these examples..

Showing your followers pictures of your staff and customers makes your business more relatable. It changes the overall feel of your page from a business just trying to sell, to a business that takes pride in what they do and cares about their customers.

You’ve probably realised that majority of people would rather support local or smaller business, than spend their money at big chains or corporations. Showing your followers more relatable content reminds them that you’re real people that are passionate about their offerings.

As an added bonus, from our experience over the years we can tell you that these photos always get a great response and is a great way to increase engagement!

Let your page tell a story. Make your business relatable. Give your followers a friendly face to remember.