Creating your First Facebook Ad!

First of all you obviously want to be under the Ads Manager heading such as below:

Once here, In order to create a campaign, you should of course be on the “campaigns” tab. From there, click on the green “Create” button in the top left corner to create a new campaign from scratch!

Facebook does an amazing job at making it simple. Once You’ve selected to create a campaign you’ll see the below screen:

You’re probably thinking WTF IS THIS?!

Don’t worry, it’s daunting for us all at first but Facebook has done an amazing job at setting it all up so we can all achieve our individual goals!

The first step is to choose your Campaign Objective. 

Your campaign objective allows you to target ads based on your advertising goals. Such as:
-Video views – Perfect if you want as many people as possible to watch your video
-Reach – See as many people as possible
-Engagement – Get people engaging in your content
-Traffic – Drive traffic to your website
Choosing your objective is important, as Facebook uses this to determine other elements of your campaign such as available ad formats, bidding options and the way it optimizes the campaign.

You should always select the objective that best reflects your desired outcome for the campaign. If you are promoting a website,  you will most likely be running a conversions campaign. That’s the campaign type we will create today.

We hope this helps setting up your first Ad Campaign. The next steps for you are setting up your audience targeting, choosing your ad placement, setting your budget and creating the content. This is all available to our students in our  Business Builder Blueprint! 

Therefore, if you want the step by step process send us an email and let’s get to work

If you’re confident in figuring it out yourself, good luck!