Hey everyone!

It’s Alicia here today.I’m one of the digital marketers here at Prestige Social.

Todays topic is Instagram stories vs Instagram Feed!

Have you ever logged into Instagram and thought ‘what’s the difference between sharing a story and posting a photo?’ Well in this email I’ll be tackling that tricky question for you, and providing a quick and effective way to determine what to post and where.

The differences in behaviour and presentation, though are subtle, are significant within your posting strategy.
Below is a quick cheat sheet for posting on Instagram Feed vs Instagram Story, making the decision of where to put your content easier.

Instagram Feed:

Evergreen: Posting content directly on your profile means the image/video will remain their forever

Ideal for reach: Having content posted directly to the feed enables discovery from new audiences

Sound Off: Majority of Instagram users will scroll their feed with sound off, therefore if you are choosing to upload a video think….’Will it still be effective with Sound?’

Your Official Brand: Your feed is the face of your company. Think to yourself… does this content reflect my brand effectively?

More established: Many brands build a strategy and plan to ensure their feed represents and portrays their company and its vision.

Instagram Stories:

Fleeting: Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, so think to yourself is this content something I want to last or is it just a quick showcase?

Ideal for engagement:  By posting stories your existing audience can engaged with the content and react accordingly.

Sound ON:  70% of Instagram are watched with sound.

Off the cuff:  Stories are a great way to share things that are happening in the moment and are a great play to casually check in with your followers. Stories are also great to re-share content people have tagged you in.

Experimentation: Unlike your Feed, there are many ways to experiment with content on stories (e.g Boomerangs, Stickers, Gifs etc….), which makes your content more exciting.

Now if you ever log into Instagram and think to yourself ‘Where the hell should I put this’ just come back to this email and check in!