Hey everyone,
it’s Alicia here, one of the digital marketers here at Prestige.
How can I boost my brands identity? What can I do to drive more sales?

These are questions I’m sure frequently run through your head.
Well in today’s email I’m here to provided a simple answer.

I’m sure you already know about Instagram.  You are probably already a user on it.  But did you know that Instagram is well-known for being a discovery engine for brands?

Being one of the worlds most popular used apps, Instagrammers often seek inspiration from what appears in their feed.

So to help you step up your Instagram game, below are some of the many benefits your company can receive for being more active on Instagram.

Brands on Instagram gain a Halo Effect
To simply put it; if your brand is active on Instagram you are making a positive impression on potential shoppers. The more your products appear, they more likely people are to engage with them.

Product information on Instagram drives action
Majority of users said that they took action after seeing product information on Instagram. This was anything from following a brand, visiting their site or making a purchase. Making your mark on Instagram is IMPORTANT.

Brand content on Instagram helps potential shoppers
Instagram plays a key role at the step of every purchase.
Majority of people use Instagram to discover what’s trending and research products, which allows them to have a better understanding.

Another great aspect that Instagram has introduced is the feature where you can click on specific products or including a link in your stories.

You’re probably still wondering what this all means for you? Well by applying these aspects to your Instagram account you are:

Setting up your brand for success – Brands on this platform tend to be more popular, creative and entertaining.

Engaging with your audience –  Instagrammers want to hear from brands, so be sure to deliver content to them at every stage of the consumer journey.

Think beyond awareness – Expanding your marketing strategy by experimenting with different content and beating your competitors by standing out.

Now next time you think to yourself what can I do to boost my brand and sales, jump onto Instagram and let it do all the hard work for you.