Hey everyone,
It’s Michelle again.

Today I want to talk about providing value!

With so many businesses out there using social media, it’s becoming more and more difficult to cut through the clutter. So why should people follow your page amongst others?

Start by asking yourself these few questions…

What value am I providing to my followers?
Why would people follow my business on social media?
If it wasn’t my own, would I even follow my page?

If you didn’t know how to answer one or more of these, chances are there are few changes you could make.

One big thing is providing value by giving your customers or potential customers something for free. When we say free, it doesn’t have to be a product, it could be a tip, a recipe, a motivational quote or a funny meme.

For us we provide a free course – www.prestigesocialmedia.com.au/52weeks

Don’t underestimate the power of making someone smile, laugh or helping them to learn something. Although you want to sell your product or service and show your audience what your business has to offer, don’t forget to put yourself in the shoes of your followers. Make sure you’re giving them a reason to follow you and make sure you’re providing them value.

Loyalty programs: show your customers you care
Give customers a reason to keep coming back

Consistency – create customer reminders.
People don’t usually read or watch something once and remember it… make sure you remind them!

Give your business a friendly face
Make it super-relatable

“Zero moment of truth”- How does your business stand out from the rest?
Don’t worry, we’ll have a full lesson on the zero moment of truth.

Take a moment today to think of different ways you can provide value to your customers!