It’s Michelle here again and today we’re going to be learning about reviews.

Replying to reviews is so important!

Whether it be positive or negative feedback, it shows your customers and potential customers that you’ve heard their option. Your response doesn’t need to be massive it can just be a couple of words or a sentence.

Positive reviews should be responded to by liking or reacting to their review as well as leaving a response e.g.

‘Thanks Bill, appreciate it!’
‘Great to hear, look forward to seeing you again soon’

Negative reviews can be a little more tricky but are equally if not more important. Not only does responding to a negative review show the upset customer you’ve heard them, but it also shows potential customers you care and are addressing any issues to make sure they don’t happen again.

When dealing with customer complaints it’s important to be sympathetic, keep it polite and try to show your future customers you try your best to work towards a solution.

If possible, it’s best to try to resolve any issues privately. How you chose to respond will obviously depend on what the complaint is about and whether their complaint is justified. We do understand that the ‘the customer is always right’ saying, isn’t necessarily true.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, try something along the lines of…

‘Hi Bill, we’re sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your visit, please contact us privately to provide us with more details about your experience so we can look into this further you.’

‘Hi Bill, thank you for your honest review, we’ll take this feedback on board’

‘Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback, we’ll discuss this issue as a team and try to resolve this from happening again’’

‘Thank you for your honest feedback, we’ll be in touch shortly to try resolve this for you.’

It’s best to respond to all reviews with 24 to 48hrs. Remember to try to express sympathy, make it personal (don’t use the exact same response every time) and choose your language carefully.