5 tips to sky rocket your social media TODAY and get your business on the right track.

Are you struggling with social media? Finding it “another job”?
Don’t worry your not the only one. We have helped hundreds of businesses in the exact some position.

They are spending hours on social media, trying to get more people in the door and see next to no results.
Almost everyone, is doing 5 things wrong that they can change at the click of their fingers and see amazing results.

1. Hashtags –

The first and probably the easiest of the lot is hashtags.
Hashtags on Instagram are crucial. They can make a HUGE difference. Most businesses we sit down with are using around 0-10 hashtags and placing them in their copy. To start you should be looking to use ALL 30. They should also be placed in the first comment. Looks better. Works better. Keep them relevant. If you own a car washing business don’t #coffee.

2. Sharing from Instagram to Facebook.

We understand that when doing your posts it’s quicker and easier to share directly from Instagram to Facebook. However, doing this more then 2 times a week can begin to damage your reach and therefore your social impact. Although Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company they want people to be active on both platforms. If you are sharing from Instagram to Facebook, then why would someone follow you on both? Therefore, Facebook/Instagram kills your reach.

3. Logos on photos.

This is a bit of a personal preference at Prestige social media Adelaide but in our eyes slapping a big logo on your photos is not needed. Whenever you post on Social media your business name is right above the post. Although it doesn’t make a huge impact. Facebook generally doesn’t like text on their photos so keep it small.

4. Comments/messages/reviews.

They NEED to be replied to, there’s no but or maybe it is a must and the number one rule you need to implement today. Facebook and
Instagram’s algorithm has changed and it is based on three key factors.We will keep it short for now but if you are interested in the algorithm check this amazing video by Hubspot.

However, one of the key factors is Interaction. If you’re engaging with your clients, they are more likely to see more of your content. Therefore, you can show them more content… it’s as simple as that.

5. Facebook Ads.

They need to be a key part of your social media strategy. No questions asked. We just created an ad for one client with a tiny budget. One single ad has now seen 270,000 people for $30. You can target, demographics, interests, location, behaviours, and even the phone people are using…

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